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Faith, Hope and Blessings

Rider and horse, Piper, practicing during class

Last summer as Tammi gave me the heartbreaking news that she was leaving the program she had directed for the past two years; my heart was filled with fear and uncertainty. I had witnessed firsthand the incredible impact Tammi had made on my daughter and the many other people involved in her program. Tammi was candid that she was unsure what was next. My constant message to her was that I believed her work was not done. I truly believed that God wanted Tammi to continue in her work using horses to change lives. We committed to each other that we would trust God to lead the way and that if Tammi was to coach again, we would see God’s will at work. And so, we set about relying on faith and hope and prayers. The blessings that have transpired over the past 8 months have been nothing short of a miracle.

Jeannie and Ty with horse Cooper

The first Blessing came in the form of a call from Jeannie Young letting Tammi know that God had put it on her heart to open her barn for Tammi to start her own program. I cannot say enough about what a gift Jeannie and Dawn have been over the past eight months. Not only have they opened their doors and given us a home, but they have also been a vital part of Living Hope since day one. They have surrounded every rider, volunteer, and family member with love and kindness. They have included us in their family. They have offered instruction and encouragement. They along with Tammi are the heart and soul of Living Hope.

Introducing Cooper, our newest horse

However, in order to make Tammi’s vision come to fruition we needed horses. That prayer was answered in the generosity of Joy Boke who offered her two “girls” for us to start our program. PD and Piper are so very loved and have been instrumental in the important job of being equine partners for our therapeutic program. After only several months we once again were blessed with generosity and love as Jody and Chuck Artymovich donated their beloved Cooper to be the third member of our herd.

But the blessings don’t stop there...Our little program has grown and succeeded in ways we could never have dreamed. I have watched as monetary donations have been given and volunteers have been at every turn to offer their time and talents.

Riders and horses at March to the Arch

And yet I haven’t mentioned our amazing riders. The growth in their skills has been exponential. They have learned everything from how to independently prepare their horses to improved horsemanship, but much more importantly they have overcome fears, improved their social skills and communication all through the love that they have known in our time at Poco Vista Ranch.

As a parent of two special needs children, I know that during the hardest of days it is hope, faith and love that carry us and allow us to continue moving forward. And so it is with Living Hope Equine Therapy...we are carried daily by our hope, our faith, and the love that has been showered on us at every turn. And for that we could not be more grateful.

Group of riders, coaches, and volunteers getting ready for a show

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