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Three riders on horseback in the arena

Our Services

Living Hope uses a comprehensive approach to provide therapeutic riding lessons with the instruction of PATH International certified therapeutic riding professionals. The horse provides a unique opportunity to enhance physical, emotional, social, cognitive, behavioral, and educational skills for people who have disabilities. Lessons focus on horsemanship skills as well as the development of a relationship between horse and participant.

Living Hope aims to provide a boutique approach to equine therapy focusing on the skills and goals of each individual. The program focuses on riding lessons but also includes learning to care for the horse, mastering ground work, and helping establish a bond between the rider and horse. Program services provide the opportunity for improved quality of life for individuals of all life stages.

Interview with Texas Today

Kristin Dickerson sat down with Coach Tammi to discuss Living Hope's mission and how we are providing hope and healing through the remarkable connection with horses.

Watch the full interview: The Healing Power of Horses

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