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Two mom's sitting together, smiling

After years of observing parents and caregivers standing outside the arena during lessons to talk, develop friendships, and develop a support system, Tammi saw an opportunity for Living Hope to support the whole family. The Caregiver Support Program was created to give back and help develop a community of support to those who take care of others. 

This program offers therapeutic horsemanship lessons, education on horse care, social events, and educational opportunities. Growing up in a special needs household herself, Tammi personally understands the need to care for the whole family. Caregivers can learn the riding techniques taught to the riders in the program to better understand the skills and hard work it takes. It can also help strengthen families by providing a common interest in horsemanship skills and equine knowledge.

Caregiver Support

Join our Living Hope Barn Family Facebook group for upcoming events, or contact Tammi to find out more about lesson opportunities.
Caregiver showing Horsemanship
Caregiver showing together
Debbie and Amy
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