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Coach Tammi, Judy, and two riders on horseback smiling

Based on the needs and abilities of a participant, an individualized lesson will consist of a one-hour therapeutic horsemanship session. Weekly classes are kept small with only 1-3 participants so riders can have optimal support from instructors and volunteers.

​Occasionally, unmounted horsemanship lessons are conducted in lieu of a mounted activity, such as when weather conditions would make a mounted activity unsafe. Please keep in mind unmounted activities are beneficial for teaching a variety of life skills.

Weekly Lessons

How We're Different

Our Holistic Approach

Years of experience and learning from multiple therapy centers has helped Living Hope discover a much-overlooked therapeutic opportunity for our clients -- a holistic approach to overall horsemanship. Instructors will develop a learning plan focused on the individual strengths, abilities, and goals of each rider to help them excel. 

Rider on horseback and a volunteer
Riders, horses, coach and volunteers enjoying sunshine after classes

What classes can consist of

Classes are more than just a horse-riding lesson. Riders are taught how to groom and tack, about the horses' health, how to lead the horse around the barn and in the arena, and other skills to help build independence as the rider's ability allows. Living Hope's boutique approach allows instructors and trained volunteers to personalize lessons based on the goals of every individual in the program.  

Interview with Texas Today

Maddy and her mom, Ali, sit down with Kristin Dickerson

Texas Today came out and talked with Maddy and her mom, Ali, about Maddy's experience working with Coach Tammi and participating in equine therapy. Learn more about how horses have benefited Maddy and her whole family.

Watch the full interview: Changing Lives With Equine Therapy

Maddy and PD ready for the show
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