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A Changed Horse

Living Hope Equine Therapy recently welcomed 100x Equine as one of our community partners. This partnership came to be because of the amazing benefits we saw in our horses since being on their products. Three quarters of our herd are currently using 100X Equine Supplements. This is the story of one rider, a horse, and the difference we have seen since starting GutX.

Maddy is a 9-year-old little girl who was born with a genetic condition that impacts her body’s ability to convert food and oxygen into energy correctly. This disease causes a long list of difficult medical issues which can be life threatening. Maddy has spent much of her life in and out of hospitals, at medical appointments, and participated in more therapy than most could imagine. Maddy started her venture into the horse world through Hippotherapy and progressed into participating in horse shows through equine therapy. Horses have continued to help address her physical strength and endurance.

Rider and horse, PD, preparing to compete at a horse show

Maddy began riding P.D. in September and while they instantly connected, P.D. was struggling with her own physical health which was causing less than ideal behavior for a therapy horse. Due to P.D.’s health and behavior Maddy was needing to stay clipped up with a leader for all of her lessons. We started P.D. on GutX in March and the change has been remarkable. The difference in P.D. has allowed Maddy to gain trust in her horse and because of this product Maddy’s riding ability, and more importantly, her confidence have soared. Maddy has gone from riding supported with a leader to independently controlling her horse and has even begun loping! The difference in both horse and rider has truly been life changing.

Along with Maddy, many of our other riders use PD during their lessons and at horse shows such as the NSBA World Show in Tulsa, OK in August, 2023. PD is dearly loved by all of the Living Hope family.

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